August 23, 2016

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August 23, 2016

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New fabrics and why I chose them...

February 7, 2017

Hello friends! If you're following closely, you'll notice I unveiled my new Spring 2017 prints in Socket Sacks and Payne Killers last week! I am SO PUMPED about these fabrics, you guys. I really took the time to build a collection that represents my style and brand, and I wanted to share my reason for selecting each one for anyone who might be interested! So without further ado...

 Aren't they AMAZING?!


Let's start with what I think has become my favorite- "Monochrome Floral."

 I LOVE contrast. Things that are opposite. Black + white. Old + new. Pain (or Payne) + comfort. Obviously it's the idea behind my company name, and I've, of course, utilized black and white in my branding. So this fabric truly felt like the epitome of my style- black and white with just a hint of color. I also love the graffiti-esque flowers that remind me of doodling with a sharpie in high school. I was also sad that my yellow fabric from last year was discontinued so soon, and this helps make up for that ;)


Next is what seems to be the crowd-favorite- "Little Birds."

At first I was just drawn to this fabric because the little fat birds are so stinkin' cute! But I think my mom was subconsciously with me on this one. Birds are sort of a hobby of hers. She has this "bird book" that names all of the species of birds you could ever think of, with pictures of each one. I remember sitting in front of the window growing up, looking out at the bird feeder and trying to identify each one. (We would get so excited when the red-breasted grosbeak would come to visit!) So I guess this one holds a little bit of nostalgia for me, as well as satisfying the nature-loving part. Plus who doesn't get immediately happy looking at these cute little birds?!


This neutral take on chevron is up next- "Tonal Arrows."

Again, the edgy black and white contrast of this print made it hard for me to resist. But that touch of grey makes it just a little more neutral and pleasing to the eye. Chevron tends to be a little too contemporary and preppy for my style, but these arrow-like stripes remind me of something hand-drawn and not so graphic. I love it as a neutral in general, but also as a print that could be gender-neutral and not so girly. (But my flannels from last year in the beer print and black and white cross print are still available if you're in need of something for your man!)


Last but not least is the lovely "Coral Floral."

People are always surprised when they find out I like the color coral. I can't even explain it myself- it doesn't exactly fit in with my edgy black and white thing. But my bridesmaids wore coral dresses, I had coral curtains in my bedroom for awhile, I wear coral nail polish for most of the summer. It's just a beautiful, girly color, and I can't deny in some aspects of my life I am incredibly girly. (Hey there make-up and hair done er'day.) These tiny coral flowers felt classic and feminine in all the right ways, and the perfect final touch to round out my spring collection. 


So there you have it! I hope you love them as much as I do. Remember if you're still loving on my prints from last year, head on over to the SALE section of my Etsy shop to scoop up some Socket Sacks and Payne Killers for HALF OFF!!!


Oh and happy Valentine's day, loves! <3




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