August 23, 2016

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August 23, 2016

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DIY Details for a Rustic Wedding to Remember

August 31, 2016


Today marks my two-year wedding anniversary with my handsome husband, Scott. Wedding planning was every bit as stressful and expensive as everybody tells you it is. BUT I freaking love DIY shit. I made the bouquets myself, I made the program board myself, I made a lot of the decor myself, and I would've made the food myself if it was physically possible for me to be saying my vows and cooking at the same time. I'm the first to admit I'm bit of a control freak, which isn't the best way to be when planning a wedding. Luckily once the ceremony was over I was able to go with the flow and enjoy the day!

I wanted to share some of the DIY details from our wedding and a little about how I made each. Pinterest was my best friend during wedding planning! For these fabric pom poms I followed this tutorial exactly and used three variations of coral cotton fabric. I enlisted a good friend to help cut and glue the fabric- each one took about 4 hours to make! Although they did their job and looked beautiful during the ceremony, they were unfortunately destroyed by a down-poring of rain that started as soon as we made our entrance into the reception...which was luckily indoors!

We decided to do a program board rather than print individual programs that would inevitably end up in the trash. Our wedding had a rustic theme, so we used a wood board, though you could also do chalkboard or glass. This was super simple for me, but full disclosure- I went to art school. If you're not confident in your hand-lettering skills, I recommend asking a friend to attempt this one! My step-dad is a woodworker, so he gave me this piece of wood cut to size. I wrote out all the information in pencil first. For the fancier font, I typed the words out into a Word document so I could copy the curves of each letter. I used a paint marker in dark brown and slowly traced each pencil line. Once it was dry I sprayed a clear coat over it to protect it from water damage. I finished it off by glueing a piece of lace to the top!

Next, my husband and I tag-teamed making this escort "card" holder. We love wine and wanted to incorporate that into our day. Once we had the seating chart figured out, I neatly wrote each guests' name in black Sharpie across the cork, along with the corresponding table number on the side. I glued a small magnet to the back of each. We had a metal sheet lying around that was the perfect size, so I painted that black and Scott built and attached a backing and custom frame. I painted that and used a gold paint marker for the lettering. The trickiest part about doing this was transportation! It took forever to line all the magnets up so we had to take extra caution to not bump them on the trip to venue!

We also pieced together the center pieces ourselves. I made the table numbers by stenciling black fabric paint onto muslin pieces, which I then Modge-Podged onto glass cylinders I had purchased at Michael's. We used votive candles to illuminate the numbers so our guests could easily find their tables as they walked in. I had a friend getting married the year after me who also wanted a rustic theme, so we split the cost of the wood slabs to use for our centerpieces (purchased on Etsy). We spend an absurd amount of time and energy removing the labels on the wine bottles. I honestly have no tricks for this...we tried a couple methods and it just sucks no matter what. The venue finished them off with some delicate roses and I love how they turned out!

For the card basket, I borrowed an old picnic basket from a friend and gave the venue some coordinating fabric to lay in and around the area. I purchased some pre-made wooden letters that I painted and glued to a piece of twine to hang on the cover of the basket. Super simple and effective!

This next one is for the VERY ambitious only- I made my bouquet...and all of my bridesmaids bouquets...AND all the boutonnieres and corsages...out of fabric! It was a hell of an undertaking and as much as I love them and enjoy having the keepsake, I probably wouldn't do it again. But if you're feeling up to the task, I used this tutorial.

Last but not least is this scrapbook cover Scott made for our guest book. He's a carpenter so, again, you may need to enlist the help of a friend with tools! He cut the wood to size and attached hinges on the front cover to allow it to open. I purchased scrapbook extender posts and he drilled the holes in the appropriate places. We found these letters at Michael's and used wood glue to adhere them to the cover. I painted an ampersand since we couldn't find a small wooden one, and finished the whole cover off with a coat of polyurethane. We had guests sign different scrapbook pages that we would eventually fill in with our wedding photos....which still hasn't happened two years later. Maybe some day!

So those were some of my favorite DIY projects from our wedding! If you have questions or want more details, feel free to leave a comment below or use the contact form.


If you're local to Connecticut and need a kick-ass wedding photographer, I highly recommend Karol Setlak. He was so easy and fun to work with and his photos are stunning!

I also feel the need to mention that Payne & Comfort products are wonderful tools for wedding stress relief and relaxation. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, you can shop comfort here!

 Thanks for reading and sharing in my wedding memories! If you'd like more rustic wedding ideas, be sure to check out my Pinterest board!


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