MSRP: $15.00


Wicked Warmers reuseable hand warmers come bundled in a set of two that makes them the perfect stocking stuffer or winter add-on gift! Heat them up before:


>> long bus-stop waits
>> walking the dog
>> chilly sporting events


Tag reads: "Microwave 30-40 seconds & feel the heat in your hands for up to an hour. Handle with care... product will (obviously) be hot. Spot clean only."

Wicked Warmers- Blue Bias Plaid

    • made from super soft cotton flannel with a muslin lining & double-stitched for extra strength
    • a cotton logo tag is sewn into one in each set
    • color: blue and red plaid
    • stuffed with flaxseed and optional dried lavender
    • completely handmade from start to finish by the shop owner
    • approximately 3.5” x  3.5”
    • each wicked warmer set of two is bundled with black yarn and adorned with a branded instruciton tag