MSRP: $32.00


Payne Killer aromatherapy pillows and hot/cold packs have many uses for natural healing--


>> use on headaches or backaches

>> rest on an angry uterus for relief from lady pains

>> wrap around neck to sooth tension after a long day on the job

>> place on sore muscles after a wicked work-out

>> simply heat it up and take it to bed with you


Tag reads: Microwave 80-90 seconds with a cup of water or freeze in a plastic baggie for one hour. Rest on sore areas to melt (or cool) the tension away. Handle hot items with care. Spot clean only. 100% cotton filled with flaxseed. Handmade in New England, USA..

Payne Killer- Spooky Stripes

    • made from soft-to-the-touch cotton with a muslin lining & double-stitched for extra strength
    • four compartments are stitched in to help evenly distribute the filling
    • a cotton logo tag is sewn into each product
    • color: black + white
    • stuffed with flaxseed and optional dried lavender
    • approximately 5” x  20”
    • each payne killer is adorned with a branded instruciton tag, and also comes with a 3"x 3" care card