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Hello, darling.

Thanks for being here and wanting to know more!

Payne & Comfort is a rad product brand dedicated to stress relief, self care and relaxation of the mind + body. These hot/cold therapy packs are made with natural materials including 100% cotton fabric, flaxseed, and dried lavender. They can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for soothing natural healing.

All products are happily handmade in

South Windsor, Connecticut, USA.

oh, hi. that's me  > > >

My name is Erin Payne (the brand name makes so much sense now, right?!) and I’m the owner/maker/one-woman-show behind all of Payne & Comfort’s products. Some of my favorite things include wine, sarcasm, Netflix, astrology, pizza, Halloween, overthinking and changing my hair color every other month. I got my start on Etsy in winter of 2015 making hand warmers because I’m “temperature-challenged” as my dad calls it; I wanted to keep warm on those bitterly cold New England days. I expanded to larger hot/cold packs within a few months, again, mainly to keep me warm when I was cold, and cool when I was hot. Self care wasn’t even on my radar.


Flash forward to early 2018. I was working full-time retail, part-time P&C, and in the process of selling one home and buying another. As if that isn’t stressful enough, I suffered unexpected personal and financial losses the week before moving. It was the most physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting week of my life. And during all that time I wasn’t doing a SINGLE thing for self care. I knew I needed to make a serious lifestyle change or risk imploding from all that stress.

I used the transition of moving to facilitate the transition of personal and spiritual growth. I started meditating, exploring new hobbies, and actually taking time for me. Then it hit me. I MAKE A PRODUCT DESIGNED FOR SELF CARE. Realizing this completely changed the way I approached my business and my brand. I want to help others find that peace of mind and body that took me almost 30 years to discover. So heat up a socket sack, close your eyes, put your phone down and REST for a few minutes. The world (and this website) will still be here when you’re done.

Don't own a socket sack yet? Shop them HERE

P.S. I'm eternally grateful for every single person who shops, shares, or otherwise supports my small business. It will forever blow my mind that people use my products to feel good, and that, in turn, makes me feel friggin' awesome. Thank you.